Small Business

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StagedPay for small business is designed to work within your current systems to make your company PCI compliant and make it easier to receive payments from your customer.  Instead of writing or typing your customer's credit card numbers on a piece of paper or receiving them in an email, your company can start receiving part of the credit card number with each order.  In doing so, your company no longer has the entire credit card number.  No one can steal something you do not have.

Then, with and a patent-pending process, your customer can finish the order on their own time by entering the remaining part of the credit card online, over the phone or even with a text.

Before Staged Pay

  • Orders over paper, fax and email were in violation of PCI as the credit card number was visible and in its entirety.
  • Credit card numbers were open to theft and fraud.
  • Small merchants were open to accusations of credit card theft.
  • Merchants stayed with it because to do otherwise was difficult.


After Staged Pay:
  • Can keep existing systems and order flow.
  • Maintain PCI compliance.
  • The merchant is not open to accusations of fraud because they never have the credit card number
  • Business is not tied to a terminal, can typically use their current processor.
  • The process is easy and automated allowing the merchant to concentrate on their business.