StagedPay Card Not Present

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With StagedPay, you don’t need the customer’s credit card in your hand to make a secure sale. You can take orders over the phone, by email, fax, and through your website with no worries about theft and fraud. 

Here’s how it works: The customer gives you some of the numbers on their credit card, which you enter into StagedPay’s secure, hosted environment. The system immediately generates a text, email or phone call to the customer to obtain their remaining credit card numbers. StagedPay then combines the data and sends you a token code to let you know the order is authorized and complete.

StagedPay Card Not Present also offers a safe, tokenized code for repeat customers, and allows clients to pay invoices.

StagedPay Card Not Present protects you and your customers:

  • Since your business doesn’t collect and store full credit card numbers, they can’t be stolen by employees or in a breach or hack.
  • Criminals can’t use stolen credit card numbers to buy your goods and services because they have to provide an email or phone number associated with the card to verify and complete the transaction.
  • StagedPay is designed to prevent future attacks by locking up data separately, and requiring multiple keys to authenticate, verify and open the purchasing vault.

StagedPay hosts an independent secure portal for businesses and customers to manage invoices 24/7. The portal:

  • Allows businesses to send customers invoices so customers can pay at their convenience.
  • Allows customers to update their billing address, zip code and account numbers at any time.
  • Allows customers to store their tokenized credit card information into a company's ERP system to use it securely for future transactions.
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