StagedPay Restaurant

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Coming 4th Quarter of 2018:

People put a lot of trust in restaurants today when they hand waiters their credit cards and watch them disappear for a while. StagedPay Restaurant eliminates fears about employee theft and overcharging, and lets diners keep their cards in their wallet. 

With StagedPay Restaurant, servers hand diners a printout of a QR code at the end of the meal, instead of paper check. Diners with Android and iPhones scan the QR code to see their check on a secure pay site. The diner then pays for their meal and can even include a tip on their phone, without ever giving their credit card to the waiter.  StagedPay Restaurant also accepts payment with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other secure payment apps.

StagedPay Restaurant also eliminates the hassle of returning credit cards to diners who leave them behind, who claim their credit cards were stolen, or who dispute charges on their bill. With StagedPay Restaurant, diners have to verify their identity and approve the charges on the secure website in order to pay their bill.

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