StagedPay eCommerce

StagedPay eCommerceIf most of your business is done through your website, StagedPay eCommerce will protect your corporation and customers anywhere in the world from theft, fraud and data breaches.

When customers order online, they only provide you half of their credit card numbers. Depending on their preference, StagedPay eCommerce will then email, text, fax or call the customer and have them enter the remaining numbers into a secure website. StagedPay eCommerce then merges the numbers together, authenticates the information, and creates a token code to let you know the order is authorized and complete.

That secure, two-step process means your business never receives or stores entire credit card numbers and becomes susceptible to hacks.

StagedPay Card eCommerce also offers a safe, tokenized code for repeat customers, and allows clients to pay invoices.