StagedPay™ Card Not Present


StagedPay™ Card Not Present dramatically changes how you take credit card payments from customers. You no longer need their entire credit card number to make a secure sale. With StagedPay Card Not Present, you can take orders over the phone, by email, text, and fax with no worries about theft and fraud. It’s simple, fast and secure. Watch how it works.

  1. Customers call to place an order. Your customers place orders the way they always have—with their phones. They can also email, fax, text or message their order to anyone in your company.
  1. Customers withhold some card numbers. Customers give you only some of their credit card numbers - the first four digits, the last four digits, and the expiration date – which you enter into StagedPay or your own software.  The system immediately generates a text, email or phone call to the customer with a secure link to obtain the rest of their credit card numbers.
  1. Customers complete the order. When customers click on the link, they enter the remaining digits of their credit card within a StagedPay server hosted in Azure. Once the numbers are verified, the system secures the card as a ‘token’ and sends it to your processor to complete the transaction. That means no computer or employee has seen or heard the entire credit card number, and the information remains secure.

StagedPay Card Not Present protects you and your customers

The key to our security is keeping data separated in Azure. So, if cybercriminals breach your system, they won’t find any complete account data to steal.

Advantages for retailers and merchants:

  • Dramatically reduces theft and fraud for orders over the phone.
  • Eliminates the possibility of exposing data in a network breach, avoiding financial losses and brand damage.
  • Criminals won’t be able to use stolen credit cards to buy your goods and services because they need to provide traceable information, such as an email or phone number, associated with the card to verify and complete the transaction.
  • StagedPay is integrated with multiple major credit card processors.
  • A merchant can be up and running on StagedPay typically in one week.
  • Reduces PCI footprint, and in some cases, can qualify a merchant to use an SAQ-A.
  • See the unique features list for small business, corporate and enterprise.

StagedPay Customer Portal for repeat business and B2B

Your repeat customers and business clients can manage their invoices 24/7 through a convenient and secure StagedPay Customer Portal.

  • The portal allows your business to send customers invoices so they can pay at their convenience.
  • Allows customers to update their billing address, zip code and credit card information at any time.
  • Allows customers to store their tokenized credit card information into your company's ERP system to use securely in future transactions.

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