With predictions of increased data breaches in 2018, new StagedPay™ Software offers fraud protection

Innovative two-step credit card authentication reduces risk of theft, fraud and PCI issues

Boerne, Texas – Facing a record number of cyber-security attacks this year, the Texas-based company Red Maple™ is releasing a revolutionary solution to protect businesses and customers across the globe. StagedPay™ Software is designed to prevent future attacks and theft by locking up data separately, and requiring multiple keys to authenticate, verify, and open the purchasing vault.

StagedPay™ is a hosted credit card solution that uses a two-step authentication process for secure payment transactions. It works like a combination lock by allowing merchants to accept and process credit cards using only part of the card number. To open the lock and complete the purchase, the customers must enter the rest of the card numbers on a secure, StagedPay™ site. The merchant is notified when the order is authorized and complete.

This two-stage process means the merchant doesn’t collect full credit card numbers and become susceptible to fraud in a data breach. It also helps prevent criminals from using stolen credit card numbers, because buyers must provide an email or phone number associated with the credit card to verify and complete the transaction. The credit card information can also be tokenized and inserted into a company’s ERP system to be re-used securely on future transactions.

“The safest transaction is the one where the business never has a credit card in the first place. That means there’s nothing there for hackers to steal. It also prevents employees and third-parties from fraud and theft,” said Jennifer Robertson, CEO of Red Maple™.

Companies and individuals should be bracing for more cyber-threats in 2018, according to The Cybercrime Report. It anticipates cybercrime damages to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. 2017 was a record-breaking year of data breaches, impacting millions of consumers and businesses.

Patagonia and Franklin Covey are among several companies implementing StagedPay™ to ensure their customers’ accounts will be kept safe and secure.

StagedPay™ software works with small, medium and large merchant payment systems already in place. It also ensures the business maintains PCI compliance. For medium and large businesses, StagedPay™ can eliminate SAQ audits and the cost of PCI compliance because it requires more information from the consumer than Card Verification Data and Address Verification for authentication.

About StagedPay™
StagedPay™ is a software solution from the Texas-based software vendor Red Maple™. Since 1997, Red Maple has been developing turnkey solutions that natively expand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations. In 2002, Red Maple released its credit card product for Axapta 2.5. Later, Red Maple released credit card products for Axapta 3.0, Axapta 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics™ 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

In 2017, Red Maple™ saw the need to address security threats in the marketplace and further increase security for both the merchant and the consumer. Their solution was StagedPay™ which delivers revolutionary security that is processor and account system independent. StagedPay™ delivers this enhanced security for companies and industries of all sizes.